Rank: 1

Beast Code: 05694


Avg. Reward: 70 GG

Exchange for: Fish Lure R or B

Avg. Size: 30 GM

Avg. Weight: 45 GT

≪Favourite Trick≫

Makes you mistreat girls.

Convert heartbeats into power.

&nbsp An Angle-Fish that can be found at anywhere. They look cute, however they like playing Favourite Trick very much. They use "Lovely Arrow" to control pepole's loving heart, which make couples get into trouble! Their shining eyes are full of curiosity, and looking for every moment that can playing Favourite Trick.

≪Special Attack≫

Lovely Arrow

≪Hunting Tips≫

Required Sonar (Hunter) Level: 1

Required Lure: Fish Lure R or B

Appearance Time: Any


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