This is the layout of who I am and what I do...

Name: Angelic Soldier (if you haven't figured that out yet, the men in white suits will be there shortly)

Facial Appearance: Flat head, very short brown hair, color changing eyes blue for at peace, green for anger, tends to only do slight grins when happy

Body: 6 ft tall, strong, and a 50 ft wing span on back

Attire: Tan shorts and a green shirt with a black eagle on the front (made by ANS)

Personality: Very overconfident, fun-loving, and serious when the time calls for it

Weapons: Wings (as strong as a full-grown male gorilla), which can act as a shield in a pinch, and a double bladed, golden axe which doesn't cut flesh open; instead, it gives memories that need to be remembered/known to that person. This weapon will give me a little knowledge about my opponent for every strike that hits. The axe can be thrown and will return to me (similair to lightsaber throw on Star Wars Battlefront 2).

Speed: Ground running is as an average athletic human. Air: Launch speed is at Mach 1 with slow acceleration. Can glide at incredible speeds as well. In space, he can move himself at Mach 1, but no faster.

Weaknesses: Clumsy, inexperienced, low stamina

Occupation: An angel in God's army

Goal: To destroy the demons that Satan has set lose throughout time and space. These demons reveal themselves at the strike of my axe.

Main Enemies: The Seven Deadly Sins (Big Demons), Demonic Soldier (anti-author)

Close Friends: The Fictor Brothers (I'm the brother they never had) I will defend any of the Fictor Bros first in a fight

If there are any more questions about my abilities, contact me via


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