Angelica Pickles-Susan

Drew Pickles-Paul

Charlotte Pickles-Julie

Phil DeVille-Young Guy, Diesel when angry

Lil DeVille-Kate

Kimi Finster-Kimberly


Phil and Lil want to go to the Tatiana and Krista Hogan Conjoined Twins Premier, but Angelica does not want to go. Drew and Charlotte said that she had to go so they take the Academy bus. On the way, Angelica says that she was hungry, but Drew tells her no. They stop at McDonald's on the way. Later, after numerous excuses, they finally made it. However, they're too late. Phil's voice turns to Diesel and he scolds Angelica for making him and his twin sister late for the premier so Drew and Charlotte take the bus back. The interior of the bus looks like a subway.


Drew Pickles: Angelica, today we're going to the Tatiana and Krista Hogan Conjoined Twins Premier because Phil and Lil want to see it.

Angelica Pickles: No way, I hate that movie. I'd rather see Barney and Friends.

Charlotte Pickles: Too bad, we're all seeing the movie and that's final.

Phil DeVille: Go there, or you're grounded.

Lil DeVille: I agree with my twin brother. Go there or you're grounded!

Kimi Finster: Get on the Academy bus.

(On bus)

Angelica Pickles: I don't want to see the premier!

Drew Pickles: Too bad! You will still watch movies only made by Paramount, which I donated from Pedro, Edro, Pablo and Tryone if you keep this up!

Angelica Pickles: I'm hungry!

Charlotte Pickles: There are snacks at the movies. Fine, we'll go to McDonald's.

(After McDonald's)

(After too many excuses about not wanting to see Tatiana and Krista Hogan Conjoined Twins Premier, the Rugrats finally made it. Did they make it?

Phil DeVille: We made it to the theatre. (Voice turns to Diesel) Oh my god, we're late for the premier! All we wanted to do was see Tatiana and Krista Hogan Conjoined Twins Premier but you had to delay us! The premier is almost over! (applause sounds in Theatre) The movie has ended! Angelica, how dare you make Lil and I late! That's it, we're going home!

(In bus)

Lil DeVille: Aren't you too young for your voice to be Diesel, Phillip?

Phil DeVille (Diesel's voice): I am not too young, Lillian! Besides, my voice is Diesel because I'm angry with Angelica for making us late for the premier!

Kimi Finster: Calm down, Phil. All Angelica wanted to do was watch Barney. That's why she had to make you and Lil late.

Phil DeVille (Diesel's voice): I will not calm down over a situation like this! I'm so mad at Angelica! Besides the reason why her parents sent her there in the first place was that Lil and I wanted to see the premier but no, she had to give us and her parents lame excuses! And by the way, while we were leaving, we heard people applauding so we had to get out of here quickly! According to her father, she is not only grounded but she has to only watch videos made by Paramount! She is so grounded for 123581321345589144 years!


*The exterior of the bus looks like a regular Academy bus but when we cut inside, it is shown to be the inside of a subway train, not an actual bus.

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