Chuckie Sees a Better Late Than Never VHS tape, Then Shows It To Tommy. So, Then They Went Shopping For VHS Tapes And Little Guy Insanity Stuff. The Next Day, A Thomas And Friends Help Out With Ringo Starr And Alec Baldwin VHS Tape Was For Sale, And They Got It.


  • Angelica
  • Chuckie
  • Tommy
  • Dil

Transcript From "Toy And Video Palace"

Tommy: Oh, Look Up High. It's A The Cowabonga! Brothers Tape!

Angelica: Who Even Cares?

(Better Late Than Never Tape Falls From Dollar Asle)

Chuckie: Look, Tommy.

Tommy: What Is This????

(Shows the Thomas & friends Better late than never clip)

(Tommy Turns TV Off)

Tommy: Ok, You Can Have That.

Tommy: Anyways, Let's Go Shopping.

Dil: Shoppy! Shoppy!

(Shows The Rugrats Shopping)

[Captons "Next Day...." Appear.]

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