• Angelina as Kate/Eric
  • Phoung as Grace
  • Dao as Steven
  • Pj as Zack
  • Monica as Kimberly
  • Pj's Mom as Emma
  • Pj's Dad as Diesel


  • Angelina: I'm going to act like a boy.
  • Angelina: La-la-la-la-la-la.
  • Pj: Angelina how dare you act like a boy that's it i'm telling the principal.
  • Monica: So Pj why are you here?
  • Pj: Angelina act like a boy i'm send him here.
  • Monica: Do you know this is serious of fences you're expelled.
  • Pj: No please.
  • Monica: Too bad!
  • Monica: Angelina you just Pj expelled i'm going to for rest of school year.
  • Dao: Angelina You're ungrounded we're going to popeye later on.

(At Pj's House)

  • Pj's Mom: How dare you get expelled you're grounded for life.
  • Pj's Dad: Go to your room now!

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