Transcript Angelina Behaves in a Target And Gets Ungrounded and Josephine Misbehaves in a Target And Gets Grounded

  • Angelina: Mom and Dad
  • Phuong: Yes Angelina?
  • Angelina: Can i have to go Target?
  • Dao: Yes you are ungrounded you may buy yourself. Here is 10 dollars.
  • Angelina: Okay dad Goodbye.
  • Dao: Angelina see you later.
  • (At Target)
  • Josephine: Mom i said i want Hello Kitty Shoes in Girls?
  • Josephine's Mom: Josephine stop acting like spolied brat everyone is scared at us.
  • Josephine: Let's buy Hello Kitty Shoes right here by Target screw me screw me.
  • Josephine's Mom: Josephine that's enough we are going home now.
  • Angelina: By the way out kicked out of Target goodbye forever.

(Josephine's Mom drags Josephine in the Target)

  • Josephine: No (x12) Mom can we go back to Target to buy Hello Kitty Shoes.
  • Josephine's Mom: No Josephine you're grounded (x3) go to your room when we get inside in house.

(At Josephine's Room)

  • Josephine: It's too late to buy Hello Kitty Shoes in Target too late.
  • Josephine's Mom: Shut up this is why until Thanksgiving.
  • Angelina: Why are you guys here?
  • Dao: Because Josephine getting grounded until thanksgiving at Target.
  • Store: What's up Angelina. May i help you please?
  • Angelina: I will like Medium Soda Drink please?
  • Store: Okay Here we go.
  • Dao: Angelina I can't believe at target you are ungrounded forever.

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