• Angelina (Kate)
  • Jim Lehrer (Eric)
  • Danella (Kendra) and (Kidaroo)
  • Pj (Zack)
  • Nichole (Belle)
  • Danella's Dad (Dallas)
  • Danella's Mom (Julie)
  • Pj's Dad (French-Fry)
  • Pj's Mom (Ivy)
  • Dao (Young Guy)
  • Phoung (Amy)
  • Monica (Kimberly)


  • Angelina: Hi i'm Angelina and i going to school.
  • Angelina: I made my school.
  • Angelina: Hello my friend.
  • Jim Lehrer: Hi so far this is turning out to be a best day ever.
  • Danella: (Angry) Hey losers get out my way.
  • Angelina: (Happy) Hello Pj and Danella how are you today.
  • Pj: (Angry) Shut up pizza head.
  • Angelina: (Shocked) What.
  • Jim Lehrer: (Shocked) You call pizza head that's not nice.
  • Danella: (In Kidaroo's Angry Voice) I don't care i going bull you.
  • Angelina: (Shocked) Oh no! help someone help please.
  • Nichole: All right class today we learning Math.
  • Pj: (Angry) I got you now ident
  • Nichole: (Shocked) Oh my god Jim Lehrer what's going on.
  • Jim Lehrer: (Shocked) Pj and Danella bullied me Angelina all you way room number 13 also Pj call pizza head
  • Nichole: (Shocked) Pj and Danella Oh my gosh there are going to pay this thanks are telling me Jim Lehrer
  • Nichole: (Angry) Pj and Danella get over here right now.
  • Danella: (Angry) What you want Ms. Nichole.
  • Nichole: (Angry) You bullied Angelina and Jim Lehrer and you call them pizza head what have you got to say for yourself.
  • Pj: (Angry) Angelina and Jim Lehrer are naughty.
  • Nichole: (Angry) Ohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohoh That's it go to Principal Office.
  • Monica: So Pj and Danella what brings two in my office.
  • Danella: (sad) We bullied Angelina and Jim Lehrer then we call them pizza head.
  • Monica: (Angry) Pj and Danella you know that you can't bully students at school. That's it you both expelled forever go home now.
  • (At Pj's House)
  • Pj's Dad: (Angry) Pj I can't believe you bullied Angelina and Jim Lehrer and then you call pizza head your grounded (x11) for 11 years plus no TV no video games no pizza no ice cream no more no burger king no KFC no McDonalds and much more.
  • Pj's Mom: (Angry) Your father is right son now to your room now.
  • (At Danella's House)
  • Danella's Dad: (Angry) Danella how dare you bull Angelina and Jim Lehrer at School.
  • Danella's Mom: (Angry) You're grounded for 7843924670162384123456123456789990000000994583728462547281672385192038767890 years.
  • Danella's Dad: *Angry) You have no TV no computer no Pokemon no computer no movies no fast foods along with burger king and McDonald's and much more you'll be grounded for 1000000000000000000 years.
  • Danella's Mom: (Angry) Now go to your room now.
  • Danella: (snowball from bfdi's crying voice) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
  • (At Angelina's House)
  • Dao: Angelina why are home so early it's one o'clock.
  • Angelina: (Happy) Pj and Danella bullied me and Jim Lehrer today and then they called us pizza head and told Ms. Nichole about everything so that is why I'm home early.
  • Dao: Angelina were so happy at you. You are not grounded anymore. That means you can watch TV play computer or video games eat McDonald's and other fast-food like KFC and Burger King eat ice cream hangout your friends and many more as well.
  • Phoung: (Happy) You're good girl today Angelina we love you.
  • Angelina: (Happy) I love you Mom and Dad

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