it was first broadcasted at Kids TV UK in January 3rd 2001 with new friends Max the Monkey, Julian the Penguin and Pat the Tortoise


  • Susan Sheridan (Voice Of Angelmouse)
  • David Jason (Voice Of Quilly)
  • Jane Horrocks (Voice Of Little Petal and Elliemum)
  • Danielle McCormack (Voice of Baby Ellie)
  • Jimmy Hibbert (Voice of Spencer and Oswald)
  • Martin Clunes (Voice Of Hutchkin)
  • Andrew Sachs (Voice Of Max)
  • Neil Morrissey (Voice Of Julien)
  • Floella Benjamin (Voice Of Pat)


  • Soft Cel (Cartoon Graphics)


  • Kick Productions
  • Keith Hopwood
  • Phil Bush
  • Paul K. Joyce


  1. Elliemum's Birthday Present (Pilot Episode)
  2. Angelmouse Goes Shopping
  3. The Elephant Dance
  4. Spring Is Coming
  5. The Missing Blue
  6. Angelmouse: Ghost Buster
  7. Angelmouse and the Builder
  8. Angelmouse's Big Picture
  9. Big Benny
  10. In A Big Wardrobe
  11. Angelmouse To the Rescue
  12. Angelmouse in A Loft Of Bread
  13. Angelmouse The Babysitter
  14. The Roly Poly Mole
  15. Angelmouse's Lost Wings
  16. Angelmouse Disappeared!
  17. Angelmouse and the Cookery Lesson
  18. The Whale
  19. Angelmouse and Quilly go Time Traveling
  20. Angelmouse Goes On Holiday
  21. Copycat Chick Returns
  22. The Rodeo

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