Anghor from a distance looks like a giant stone house. The upper half of the fortress is a giant peak roofed building. It is made of enourmous blocks of stone and stands over 60 feet high at the peak. There is a belltower made of stone that stands an additional 10' above the peak of the roof. The roof is also made of stone, though the manner in which it was constructed has been lost. One things is for certain, the roof is incredibly strong; there are frequently large boulders which fall from the cliff which simply bounce and roll off the roof of the fortress. Whenever a large one hits, the people of the keep raise a glass and thank their ancestors. It is just across a meandering river, and stands at the foot of a 150' foot cliff that is part of the mountains. Starting in 35 AF a large stone wall was build where the cliff narrowed, seperating the town from the river. The wall is 30' tall, and has a solid wooden gate.


Once called simply "the Dwarven fortress", Anghor was renamed in honor of the half-Dwarf who uncovered it Anghoroth Aidman. It has been fully renevated since it's original discovery. The great hall now functions as a dining hall and gather place. There are still bathrooms and bathhouses on the main floor, but the weapon rooms have been converted to shops.

There was once an alter in the great hall which required a drop of Dwarven blood to open. This magical altar has been removed, and a stairway put in. While not as secure, this makes the lower levels a lot more accessable. The entire lower has been renovated and more has been excavated. Thanks to the river, and aqueduct system has been put in to deliver water to the various homes in the underside. Some Dwarves have discovered that they like living underground and spend most of their time there. Anghor is mostly populated by Dwarves and Half-Dwarves, though all are welcome. Two Elven brothers of the Moonivy family have built a woodspersons cabin on the other side of the river from Anghor. They not only stable all the animals which come to the city, but also are the first pair travellers typically encounter.

Recent History

Duran Thomel was knighted by Gregory Grimwar and became the first leader of Anghor, as well as the Dwarven representative to the Council of the West. At the beginning of the year 61 AF, Anghor adopted a black hammer on white as it's symbol. With the disappearance of Duran Thomel, Even Irons was forced to step up as the Dwarven Representative to the Council of the West.

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