Angie Smith was born in 1934 she was born in Newton Abbot where she spent most of her life growing up she is the brother of John Smith who are both children of the same parents.


Angie Smith was crossing a road in Kingsteigton where she was knocked down by a lorry which killed her on impact.


Angie Smith was brought back from the dead out of her coffin in the Kingsteigton Graveyard she was brought back to life by Robert Dorrington he told her if she wanted to live and never die he could make this happen. If she did him something this was taken out a person the person she was asked to kill was Scott Curtis she then worked alongside her brother who had also been brought to life. John Smith and some other female who were asked to help beat the Rivers. They were Kim Knight, Dawn Davie, Hannah Farmer and the youngest member Jessie Small in the summer of 2001 Angie who was facing off with the River was killed once again in the same piece of road she had died in 1955 she was killed when Zack Zindine hit her with his space Crusier and killed her on impact.

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