• Red Bird's Girlfriend as Mulan
  • Red Bird as Captin Shang
  • Elmo (From Sesame Street) as General Li
  • Nico as Mulan's Dad
  • White Bird's Girlfriend as Mulan's Mom
  • Blu as Mushu
  • Yellow Bird as Yao
  • Bomb Bird as Chen-Po
  • Blue Bird as Ling
  • RC (From Toy Story) as Cri Kee
  • Oscar (From Sesame Street) as Shan Yu
  • A Gaurd (From Thomas & Friends) as Shang's Gaurd
  • Tigger (From Winnie The Pooh) as Chinese Parade
  • Pig's Girlfriend as Matchmaker
  • White Bird as Hyabusa The Faction
  • The Birds and Pigs as Bandits and Huns

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