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  • Red Bird's Girlfriend as Kai-Lan Chow/Misty/May Maple/Dawn
  • Red Bird as Rintoo (they both start with "R")/Ash Ketchum/Paul/Drew/Gary Oak/Barry/Keikoto Konno Shigeru/
  • Pigs' Girlfriend as Lulu/Jessie/Mars/Jupiter
  • Pig as James/Saturn
  • King Pig as Giovani/Cyrus
  • The Pigs as Team Rocket/Team Aqua/Team Magma/Team Galactic/Team Plasma
  • Blue Bird as Hoho/Max Maple
  • Yellow Bird as Tolee/Brock/Tracey/Norman Maple/Cilan
  • Pink Bird as Nurse Joy/Delia Ketchum/ Coraline Maple/Zoey/Iris
  • White Bird as Officer Jenny
  • Black Bird as N
  • Big Brother Bird as Prof. Oak/Prof. Elm/Prof. Birch/Prof. Rowan/Walt Disney

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