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Angry Birds/The Amazing World of Gumball is a Parody With The Amazing World of Gumball Sound and Angry Birds Clip.Only show on Rovio and Cartoon Network.


Verison 1 (Made Be dcolemanh)

  • Red Bird as Gumball
  • Blue Bird as Darwin
  • Red Bird's Girlfriend as Anais
  • Yellow Bird as Nichole
  • Sir Handel (From TTTE) as Richard
  • Mystake (From LEGO Ninjago Master Of Spinjitzu) as Granny Jojo
  • Female Pig as Miss Simian
  • Blu (from Rio) as Mr.Small
  • The Banana (From Annoying Orange) as Banana Joe
  • White Bird as Carrie
  • White Bird's Girlfriend as Penny FItzgerald and Masami
  • Green Bird as Tobias
  • Bomb Bird as Juke
  • Pink Bird as Teri
  • Flower Hat Pig as Sussie
  • Green Bird Girlfriend as Carmen
  • Big Brother Bird as Principal Brown
  • Moustache Pig as Mr.Robinson
  • Patty Keys (From Ninjago) as Mrs.Margaret Robinson
  • Nya (From Ninjago) as Molly
  • Ice Bird as Clayton
  • Orange Bird as Rocky Robinson
  • Kai (From Ninjago) as Green Bear
  • Chokun as Ocho
  • Bird's Girlfriend as Tina Rex
  • Great Devourer as Mr.Rex
  • Pythor (From Ninjago) as Mr.Fitzgerald
  • Jewel (From Rio) as Mrs.Fitzgerald
  • Jay (From Ninjago) as Alan
  • Lloyd (From Ninjago) as Mushroom
  • Monica (From Oggy and The Cockroaches) as Rachel
  • Father Helmet Pig as Mr.Simian
  • Passion Fruit as Cupcake Woman
  • Zane as Leslie
  • Helmet Pig as Eggheads
  • Thomas (From Thomas The Train) as Bobert
  • Brad and Gene as Idaho and Anton
  • Monster Terence as Hector and Razor
  • Medium Pig as Ripley 2000 Manager
  • Cole (From Ninjago) as William
  • Sensei Wu as Marvin Finklehimer
  • Luiz as Ofice Dog
  • Bob (From Oggy and the Cockroaches) as Cube Dog
  • Rafael as Pantsbully
  • Mighty Eagle as Eggman
  • Mighty Dragon as The Hobo
  • Lettuce (From Annoying Orange) as Mrs.Wilson
  • Gwen (From Ben 10) as Dolly
  • Mrs.Two Shoes (From Tom and Jerry Tales) as Orange Woman
  • Sergeant (From Wreck-it Ralph) as Jamie
  • Stone Warrior as Moose
  • Bank Boss as Charlie
  • Stone Swordman as Newspaper Employee
  • Lord Garmadon as Mr.Wilson
  • Princess Stella (From Angry Birds Star Wars) as Rosie
  • Samukai as Neck Beard
  • Frakjaw as Rob
  • Misako as Lizard Woman
  • Corporal Pig as Larry
  • King Pig as Blue Elephant
  • First Mate as Old Mouse
  • Oggy and Jack (From Oggy and the Cockroaches) as Bandage Paramedics
  • Lou (From Ninjago) as Banana Bob
  • Small Pig as Kenneth
  • Skalidor (From Lego Ninjago) as Sal Left Thumb
  • Grandpa Lemon as Bandage Doctor
  • Bonezai as Doughnut Sheriff
  • Large Pig as Clipboard Men
  • Fat Pig as Silence Snake
  • Guide Parrot as Beanie Bird
  • Queen Pig as Librarian
  • Chopov as Fuzzball
  • Krazi as Hot Dog Guy
  • General Kozu as Plaid Old Man
  • Dr.Julien as Dr.Butt
  • Fangtom as Shooting Star
  • Wyplash as 3D Cube Employee
  • Venomari as Troy
  • Budgie (From Budgie The Little Helicopter) as Blitzer
  • Pedro and Nico as Male Pepperonis
  • Starteeth as Wanda
  • Gayle Gossip as Karen
  • Marie (From The Aristocats) as Female Pepperonis
  • Stripped Bird as Dog

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