• Mike Nawrocki - Chuck, Minion Pigs, Corporal Pig
  • Phil Vischer - Red, Minon Pigs, King Pig,
  • Megan Murphy - Matilda, The Blues
  • Jeremy Vickery - The Blues
  • Brian K. Roberts, Chuck Vollmer, Joe Spadaford, Joe Sapulich - Crowd of Minion Pigs
  • Phil Vischer - Chef Pig
  • Mike Nawrocki - Moustache Pig
  • Phil Vischer - Small Fat Pig
  • John Wahba - Snail
  • Tom Owens  - Fish
  • Joe Sapulich - Bomb
  • Trevor Devall - Terrence
  • Michael Nawrocki, Jr - Bubbles
  • Scottie May - Hard Pig
  • John Wahba - Minion Pig
  • Chris Olsen - El Porkador
  • Kid Extras- Jeremy Vischer, Abbey Hodge, Matthew Hodge, Josh Vuclano, Shelby Vischer, Sydney Vischer, Glen Vollmer, Gretchen Heinecke, Clayton Heinecke, Grace Wahba, Alexias Bancroft

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