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Angry Dogs is a parody of Angry Birds. Players can play as this different breeds of dogs:

Bull terrier: Similar to the red bird, no powers

Bloodhound: A canine that can split into three, similar to the blue birds

Chihuahua: A dog who can move at full speed, similar to the yellow bird

Old English sheepdog: This mutt can drop a bone bomb, similar to the white bird, who drops an egg bomb

Minaiture pinscher: This mutt will bring the house down by exploding like a bomb, similar to the black bird

Scottish terrier: The boomerang dog, similar to the green bird

Basset hound: The Big Brother dog of the group, similar to the Bull terrier, no powers

Mighty Bulldog: A ferocious killing canine, similar to the Mighty Eagle

Labrador: The globe dog, similar to the globe bird

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