Angry Dogs: Nine Dog Christmas is a game similar to Angry Birds: Rio

Snowplow: Similar to Blu, he is a strong Old English sheepdog that can crush on anything or anybody.

Tank and QT: This inseperable canine couple can make a special straight dash when tapped.

Frenchie: Has no powers, similar to the Bull terrier. (He is actually a bull terrier!)

Cheech: Like the Chihuahua, he can move at full speed when tapped. (He is definitely a Chihuahua!)

Chester: A ferocious killer, similar to the Mighty Bulldog. He can create a massive Mass destruction. (He is a bulldog all right!)

Fetch: Similar to the Labrador (globe dog), he inflates a balloon to make it burst on the cats. The major difference is that the Labrador can inflate himself and burst on the cats.

McGregor: Like the Scottish terrier (boomerang dog), he can make curve turns using his acrobatic skills to crash the cats to death. (He's a Scottish terrier!)

No Name: Like the Bloodhound (replicate dog), he uses his clones to help crash the cats. The major difference is that the Bloodhound can duplicate himself.

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