Angry German Kid as Mr Happy

Eeyore (from Winnie The Pooh) as Mr Worry

Homer (From The Simpsons) as Mr Bump

German Kid`s Father Making Toast as Mr Grumpy

School Computer Guy As Mr Tickle

Angry German Kid`s Freind And Sea Rogue`s Uncle(from TUGS) As Mr Small And Mr Nosy

Angry German Kid`s Uncle Working in Office as Mr Nervous

Grampus(from TUGS) as Mr Per(s)nickety

Bill And Ben (from TTTE) As Mr Scatterbrain

Odie(from Garfield) as Mr Muddle

German Kid`s Mother as Miss Sunshine

Zorran(from TUGS) as Mr Rude

Sally Seaplane(from TUGS) As Miss Daredevil

Clara(from Theodore Tugboat) as Miss Naughty

Horton(From Horton Hears A Who) as Mr Greedy

Booker And Sheldon(from Orson`s Farm) As Miss Helpful and Miss Calamity

Puffa(from TUGS) As Mr Bounce

Elias(From Elias The Rescue Boat) As Mr Cheerful

Whiff(from TTTE) As Mr Imposibble

Patty and Selma(from The Simpsons) As Miss Twins

The Clover(From Horton Hears A Who) as Miss Somersault

Newton(from Orson`s Farm) as Mr Sneeze

Captain Star(from TUGS) as The King

Warrior(From TUGS) As Mr Messy

and many,many,many,many,more

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