• angry german kid as woody
  • jake randolf as buzz lightyear
  • ronald ramirez as mr potato head
  • stephen quire as hamm
  • justin bieber as sid (they both are vain)
  • leonidas slikk as andy
  • akame (from akame ga kill) as jessie
  • fred figglehorn (from fred) as slinky dog
  • James D.Rolfe (from Angry Video Game Nerd) as prospector
  • ryuko matoi (from kill la kill) as bo peep
  • rei miyamoto (from highschool of the dead) as mrs potato head
  • kaneki ken (from tokyo ghoul ) as ken (they both sharing of name )
  • touka (from tokyo ghoul) as barbie
  • adolf hitler as lotso (they both are evil and grumpy)
  • oliver sykes (from bring me the horizon) as bullseye
  • minion (from minion) as aliens
  • harold slikk as rex
  • darth vader (from star wars) as emperor zurg

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