Write the text of your article here ==plot== when top scarer the monster regeret's to take revenge he refuse's to take over the jungle when not so good mr. water-noose -scar make's a plan to try to destroy all the creatre's of the jungle he use's revenge on sulley-bagheera and mike -tigger who get's a plot from the sneaky villan who also is evil as the two brother's travel to the jungle of animals incoperated mike -tigger and his girl friend go to a resturant and sulley -bagheera make's a plan to adopt a lost child eliwon-boo but when mike finds out that his friend is going to jail he doe'snt know that anything bad is going to happen so known for the 3-police offers who wrote a paper well a-comadated so cop 4 puts the paper into a printer mahine and copyed the slip for hamburger's for different monster's to eat so-after randell gets defeated mike and sulley start to adopt boo. and after the monster slaves are free from the bad working they have done they are freed and the city of kingston palace is destroyed after randell gets white hair and his black hoody is known for revenge he fall's down the sky and clouds he is angry that the slave's are freed and he also gets mad that when he falls to the grass on his face his hoody and him dissaper and the city of animals incoporated is freed and his city is destroyed with a big explosion of smoke and steam and the rain makes the real city freed and everyone is rescued for good when mr. water- noose trie's to deathly ecsape and kill the gang he goes to jail and the two brothers are saved for good.

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