Animal-human hybrid races exist in the universe of the Empire of the Solar Throne, generally produced by cloning instead of natural birth. They also exist in the universe of Solar System 5000 A.D..


This is a bipedal human-bird crossover race with feathers covering their bodies. The wings have human-like arms but Avoids are capable of limited flight. They are usually more prized for their agility and intellect than their raw physical strength.


This is a race of beings who are genetically a cross between humans, gorillas, and chimpanzees. They are generally slightly shorter than humans and a bit slower, but just as intelligent as humanity and twice to four times as physical strong as the average human. Primatoids are especially prized as laborers, law-enforcement officers, and military infantry.


This is a race that combines human, dolphin, and porpoise DNA. They are just as intelligent as humans, are extremely capable in water or zero gravity, but are somewhat cumbersome when moving on dry land or orther solid surfaces. Cetans are used as in-space, zero-g troopers; underwater workers, and as technicians.

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