• Alfonso as Leonard
  • Diana as Tammy
  • Beardo as Gerry
  • Hamphrey as Pete
  • Katt as Ellody
  • Hazel as Mary
  • Cherry as Laurie
  • Anicotti as Miles
  • Flora as Jen
  • O'Hare as Tom
  • Frita as Kelly
  • Molly as Taylor
  • Hamlet as Jay
  • Rodney as Mickey
  • Pietro as Chet
  • Curlos as Lorenzo
  • Rasher as Rock
  • Goose as Spud
  • Octavian as Dwayne
  • Cole as Junior
  • Fang as Noah
  • Cube as Owen
  • Coco as Crimson
  • Lucky as Ennui
  • Marshal as Brody
  • Wolfgang as Geoff
  • T-Bone as Ryan
  • Skye as Stephanie
  • Goldie as Carrie
  • Eugene as Devin
  • Yuka as Emma
  • Sydney as Kitty
  • Rodeo as Jacques
  • Lucy as Josee
  • Agnes as MacArthur
  • Deena as Sanders

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