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Animal Mechanicals: The Button Of Doom Is A Feature-Lengh Special Decoding To The 2007 DHX Media Series Animal Mechanicals.


When Komodo Accedentaly Presses A Mysterious Button, The Animal Mechanicals Must Stop The Evil Mechana-Fusion AM-198X3-90 As He Tries To Defeat Various Countries In The World.


  • USA
  • UK
  • France
  • Spain
  • Japan
  • Hong Kong
  • China
  • Russia
  • Germany
  • Brazil
  • Italy

TV Channels

  • USA-Straight-To-DVD (August 6, 2011), Later Shown On TLC (September 23, 2011) At 9:00am And 4:30pm ET (8:00am And 5:30pm CT)
  • UK-Shown On Nicktoons (September 10, 2011) At 8:30am And 2:00pm, Later Released In An Animal Mechanicals: Legends Of The Island 2-Movie Blue-Ray Combo Pack In Asda

AM-198X3-90 Powers

  • Rex (Body, Head) (Mechana-Strong)
  • Unicorn (Right Arm) (Mechana-Fly)
  • Komodo (Legs) (Mechana-Gizmo)
  • Mouse (Left Arm) (Mechana-Fast)
  • Sasquatch (Waist, Legslots) (Mechana-Stretchy)


Trailer Transcript (US)

Trailer Transcript (UK)

  • (Action-Fighting Music)
  • (We See The Animal Mechanicals Running Into The Brandenberg Gate)
  • Male Announcer: From The Makers Of Animal Mechanicals: The Series..
  • (Sasquatch Turns His Head At Us, Smiling)
  • Male Announcer: ..The Heroes Of Snap Together-Take Apart Are Still In Their Mechana-Image!
  • Sasquatch: Now That We Have Come To Visit You, We Have Come To Greet You! (Gives A Boy A Teddy Bear)
  • (Scurry Techno Music)
  • Male Announcer: But Being Different Is Easy!
  • Komodo: (Opens Fridge) What's That?
  • (On A Black Background, "BUT" Zooms In In Blue)
  • Male Announcer: But..
  • (Komodo Grabs The Button)
  • (On A Black Background, "DON'T" Zooms In In Blue)
  • Male Announcer: ..Don't..
  • (Komodo Presses The Button)
  • (On A Black Background, "TOUCH" Zooms In In Blue)
  • Male Announcer: ..Touch..
  • (The Button Juts Out From Komodo's Hands, Glows White And Floats Around)
  • (The Animal Mechanicals Fly On Unicorn As AM-198X3-90 Explodes)
  • Male Announcer: ..The Button Of Doom!
  • Animal Mechanicals: Yay!
  • Sasquatch: Flyngoh!
  • (The Animal Mechanicals Ride On Unicorn To Get Away From AM-198X3-90)
  • Male Announcer: Can The Animal Mechanicals Save The World From Danger? Again?
  • AM-198X3-90: Ready For Round 2, Mechanicals?

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