The perfect Beast

Far far back in time, when people first came to the land, even before it was a plane, they brought the animals with them. These are not the animals that exist today, but the perfect images of these animals. Each kind of beast has one patriarch that is their ideal master. Because of the worship of ancient people, these became the first gods of Kallika. Surpresssed by other powers whenever the Gods are allowed into the world, they take a more active role when they are able. In ancient times, so angry were they are the race of men for their corruption and hedonism that all but the Dog destroyed the ancient city of Nexus. The elements took on a sentience as well, creating their own perfect core consciousnesses. These became like gods as well, though they care little for anything but their own element.

Major: Bear, cat, snake, boar, elephant, bird of prey, monkey, dog
Minor: cattle, horse, fish, insect, lizard, migratory bird, Ram, rodent, Scorpion, Whale
elemental: energy, solid, liquid, gas (commonly reffered to as fire, earth, water, air)

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