&nbsp Brashi369's Movie Spoof Of Toy Story 2


Woody-Littlefoot (The Land Before Time)

Buzz Lightyear-Chomper (The Land Before Time)

Mr.Potato Head-Pogoriki (Gogoriki)

Slinky Dog-Eeyore (Winnie The Pooh)

Rex-Cookie Monster (Sesame Street)

Hamm-Bertie (Zigby)

Bo Peep-Cera (The Land Before Time)

Al-Sour Kangaroo And Rudy (Horton Hears A Who! (2008))

Jessie-Penny (101 Dalmations)

Mrs.Potato Head-Rosariki (Gogoriki)

Bullseye-Quick Draw McGraw

Stinky Pete- Kron (Dinosaurs)

Wheezy-Boo Boo Bear

Various Barbie Dolls-Rabbits

Zurg-Red Claw (The Land Before Time)

Utility Belt Buzz-Petrie (The Land Before Time)

Tour Guide Barbie-Mimi Rabbit (Reader Rabbit: The Great Alphabet Race)

Squeeze Toy Alien Trio-Alvin, Simon And Thedore (Alvin And The Chipmunks)

Amy-Brisa (Hero Kids)

Amy's Barbie Doll-Beehonie (Kissyfur)


  • 1 Opening Credits Chomper's Mission
  • 2 Littlefoot's Lost Hat It's Luiz
  • 3 Littlefoot's Arm Sleeve Gets Ripped
  • 4 Littlefoot Meets Boo Boo Bear/Kidnapped By Rudy
  • 5 Sour Kangaroo's Plan
  • 6 The Roundup Gang
  • 7 Littlefoot's Roundup
  • 8 Littlefoot Nearly Loses His Sleeve
  • 9 Crossing The Road
  • 10 Arrival of Mullroy Rudy's Animal Barn
  • 11 Dinosaur Switch/Female Rabbit Aisle
  • 12 Rudy's Plot
  • 13 Penny's Story When She Loved Me
  • 14 Into The Vents
  • 15 Into The Rescue Littlefoot Stays
  • 16 Battle With Red Claw
  • 17 Chasing Sour Kangaroo and Rudy
  • 18 Littlefoot Vs Kron/Saving Penny
  • 19 Welcome Home
  • 20 End Credits

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