TomArmstrong14's Movie Spoof Version of "Animal Story 3"


  • Tom the Cat as Woody
  • Nibbles as Jessie
  • Jerry the Mouse as Buzz
  • the All Animals as the All Toys
  • Jordan Rooke as Andy Davis
  • CHARLIE/Laura Davis as K.D. Davis
  • Baby Jordan Rooke as Molly Davis
  • Jamie Greenwood - Husband of Alice as Teenager and Adult Andy Davis
  • Alice Rookes - Jamie's Wife as Herself
  • Courtney Brown as Molly Davis
  • Dawn Rookes as Mrs. Davis
  • Laura and Charlie Davis as Themself
  • Junkman as Sid Phillip
  • Emily Rooke as Hanna Phillip
  • Thomas, Jordan y Emily Mother Emily Rooke as Mrs. Phillip

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