TheUnitedPikachus version of Mewtwo strikes back

Mewtwo-Bigwig(Watership Down)

Ash Ketchum-Hiccup(How to Train Your Dragon)

Misty-Astrid(How to Train Your Dragon)

Brock-Pacha(The Emperor's New Groove)

Pikachu-Spike(My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic)

Mew-Fiver(Watership Down)

Young Mewtwo-Pipkin(Watership Down)

Jessie-Ursula(The Little Mermaid)


Meowth-Diego(Ice Age)

Togepi-Young Faline(Bambi)

Bulbasaur-Young Kovu(The Lion King 2)

Charizard-Toothless(How to train your Dragon)


Miranda-Widow Tweed(The Fox and the Hound)

Pirate Trainer-Rolf(Ed Edd N Eddy)

Fergus-Kevin(Ed Edd N Eddy)

Corey-Edd(Double D)(Ed Edd N Eddy)

Neesha-Nazz(Ed Edd N Eddy)

Venusaur(Bruteroot)-Adult Kovu(The Lion King 2)

Blastoise(Shellsocker)-King Julien(Madagascar)

Bulbasaurtwo/Venusaurtwo-Simba/Scar(The Lion King)

Charmandertwo/Charizardtwo-Common or Garden Dragon/Red Death(How to Train Your Dragon)

Squirtletwo/Blastoisetwo-Feivel/Clemson(An American Tail/The Penguins of Madagascar)


Officer Jenny-Jasmine(Aladdin)

Nurse Joy-Mulan


Amber/Ambertwo-Blythe Baxter(Littlest Pet Shop 2012)

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