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General Requirements for All Farms

Manure storage areas 100 feet away from state waters.

Animals in confined areas shall not have uncontrolled access to waters of the state.

Land application of animal waste shall be performed in accordance with the principles of the NJDA BMP Manual and the USDA-NRCS Field Office Technical Guide

Animals and related waste from reportable diseases shall not be disposed of until reported to the state vet.

Any person entering a farm to conduct official business related to these rules shall follow bio-security protocol.

Rules Dependent on Farm Size

1-7 Animal Units

No written plan required

8-299 Animal Units

Less than or equal to 1 animal unit per acre

Self-Certified plans required

Greater than 1 animal unit per acre

Self-Certified plans required and to be reviewed according to compliance with the Soil Conservation District and FOTG standards.

300+ Animal Units

CNMP and certification required

For Farms accepting outside waste

Self-certified plans required and accurate hauling records for all farms receiving/applying 155 or more tons of animal waste per year.

**No fees for filing or certification**

Description of a Self-Certification Plan

Farm Description- acreage, slope, location, etc

Animal Units

Animal Density Determination

Estimated Manure Production

Manure Storage Description

Barnyard RUnoff Management

Erosion Control

Stream Access and Control

Off Farm Use and Disposal of Manure

Manure Spreading Plan

Emergency Management Plan

Good management guide for all farms:

Plan for managing manure spreading and disposal Store manure in a dry, level, impermeable location free from storm-water runoff

Manage storm-water to prevent manure contamination of water bodies and eliminate runoff

Control animal access to streams and waterways.

Control farm erosion.

Establish plan for managing neighbors, bedding, feed, odors, emergencies.

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