Version 1 (by RetroGameFan9000)

Attention niels epting WARNING: Do NOT edit or otherwise alter: Edit YOUR cast list ONLY. (See SP:CAST)

  • Black-throated sparrow as Annie
  • Eastern gray squirrel as Oliver Warbucks
  • Red squirrel as Grace Warbucks
  • Bombay cat as Mrs. Hanngain
  • German Shepherd Dog as Rooster
  • Shih Tzu as Lily St. Regis
  • Deilenaar as Punjab
  • Woodpecker as Mr. Asp
  • Otterhound as Sandy the Dog
  • Dormouse as The Policeman
  • Eastern raccoon as Michael
  • Virginia opossum as Professor Eon
  • Sheep as Hannah
  • American Curl as Molly
  • Dodo bird as Murphy
  • Penguin as Rupert
  • Snake as Lady Hogbottom
  • Deer as Annie's teacher
  • Flamingo as Charithy the Maid
  • Fox as Derwood
  • Eastern grey kangaroo as Mr. Webbs
  • Tammar wallaby as Mrs. Webbs

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