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  • Peacock as Jackie
  • Monkey as Matt
  • Flamingo as Inez
  • Penguin as Digit
  • Crocodile as Buzz
  • Snake as Delete
  • Lion as Hacker
  • Donkey as Dr. Marbles
  • Hen as Motherboard
  • Deer as Lady Ada Lovelace
  • Camel as Master Pi
  • Shark as Spout
  • Zebra as Slider
  • Horse as Coop
  • Owl as The Mayor of Poddleville
  • Eagle as Nero the Animal Hero
  • Aardvark as Slight
  • Whale as Chief
  • Crab as Presto
  • Quail as Dody
  • Turtle as Sam Vander Rom
  • Gecko as Wanda
  • Rat as Mister Zero
  • Anteater as Raven
  • Kiwi as Ms. Fileshare
  • Mole as King Dudicus
  • Antelope as Erica Ram
  • Bee as Creech
  • Puffin as Fluff
  • Rabbit as Fearless Chef
  • Cow as the Wicked Witch
  • Chicken as Binky
  • Octopus and Squid as The Sams
  • Hippopotamus as Spider
  • Duck as Vamp
  • Pig as Deke
  • Fish as Shari Spotter
  • Walrus as Professor
  • Frif as Widget
  • Rooster as the King of Happily Ever After
  • Elephant as Zeus
  • Panther as Baskerville
  • Butterfly as Tini Weenie Parallini
  • Fossa as Ledge
  • Fox as Jules
  • Rhinoceros as Manny
  • Skunk as Ziff
  • Moose as DJ Groovy
  • Bear as Hector
  • Snail as Ollie
  • Bird as Abby
  • Sheep as Max
  • Numbat as Punxie
  • Komodo Dragon as The Four-Headed Dragon

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