1. Tiger as Apple
  2. Giraffe as Mango
  3. Lion as Orange
  4. Elephant as Grape
  5. Crocodile as Pineapple
  6. Deer as Guyabano
  7. Zebra as Pear
  8. Monkey as Lemon
  9. Hippo as Plum
  10. Flamingo as Strawberry
  11. Ostrich as Banana
  12. Antelope as Rhubarb
  13. Peacock as Raspberry
  14. Snake as Pomegranate
  15. Anteater as Fig
  16. Turtle as Dates
  17. Kangaroo as Blackberry
  18. Bear as Blueberry
  19. Bird as Blackcurrant
  20. Meerkat as Passion
  21. Gorilla as Quince
  22. Wildebeest as Grapefruit
  23. Gazelle as Gooseberry
  24. Buffalo as Avocado
  25. Rhino as Melon
  26. Warthog as Apricot
  27. Toucan as Cherry
  28. Cheetah as Papaya
  29. Panda as Prunes
  30. Vulture as Cranberry
  31. Camel as Damson
  32. Chameleon as Tomato
  33. Baboon as Kiwi
  34. Hyena as Pomelo
  35. Parrot as Peach
  36. Frog as Lime

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