• Peacock as Face
  • Horse as Clown
  • Elephant as Astronaut
  • Turtle as the Piece of Wood
  • Panther as Big Voice Face
  • Bear as Big Face
  • Deer as Little Face
  • Fox as Painting Face
  • Lion as Alligator
  • Pig as Crocodile
  • Penguin as Orange
  • Donkey as Grape
  • Zebra as Banana
  • Monkey as Laughing Face
  • Sheep as Sad Face
  • Bee as Burtha the Birthday Cake
  • Numbat as Present
  • Lobster/Yabby/Dog/Cat/Duck/Crocodile as Candles
  • Toucan as Balloon
  • Yak as Party Hat
  • Husky as Cupcake
  • Narwhal as Birthday Card
  • Hippopotamus as Noisemaker
  • Mole as Pepperoni Pizza
  • Stork as Mushroom Pizza
  • Fossa as Green Pepper Pizza
  • Porcupine as Sausage Pizza
  • Meerkat as Broccoli Pizza
  • Hyena as Cauliflower
  • Unicorn as Milk
  • Bull as Monster Face
  • Chicken as Tuba
  • Rabbit as Flute
  • Hedgehog as Drums

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