The Powerpuff Animals

  1. Flamingo as Blossom
  2. Bee as Bubbles
  3. Bird as Buttercup

The Citizens of Zoo

  1. Turtle as Professur Utonium
  2. Peacock as Ms. Keane
  3. Rooster as the Mayor
  4. Hen as Sara Bellum
  5. Rabbit as Mitch
  6. Dog and Cat as Flyod and Llyod
  7. Numbat as Mary
  8. Hummingbird as Talking Dog
  9. Sheep as Mike Believe
  10. Hornbill as Rainbow the Clown
  11. Butterfly as Bunny

The Rowdyruff Animals

  1. Zebra as Brick
  2. Monkey as Boomer
  3. Penguin as Butch

The GangGreen Animals

  1. Pig as Ace
  2. Horse as Big Billy
  3. Fox as Snake
  4. Frog as Little Arturo
  5. Boar as Grubber

The Amoeba Animals

  1. Elephant as Bossman
  2. Ant as Tiny
  3. Donkey as Skinny Slim

Other Characters

  1. Lion as Mojo Jojo
  2. Cow as Sedusa
  3. Duck as Princess
  4. Bison as Him
  5. Gorilla as Roach Coach
  6. Crocodile as Major Man
  7. Yak as Fred the Monster
  8. Panther as Fuzzy Lumpkins
  9. Aliens as Robbers
  10. Musk Ox as Harold Smith
  11. Giraffe as Steve the Monster
  12. Ghosts as The Three Headed Monster
  13. Rhinoceros as Lenny Baxter
  14. Gazelle as Mr. Green
  15. Tiger as Kitty
  16. Mouse as Mr. Mime
  17. Quail as Femme Fatale
  18. Bull as The Boogie Man
  19. Squid as Abracadaver
  20. Spider as The Sandman
  21. Gryphon as The Giant Ant

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