• Cinderella-Clara Cat
  • Snow White-Dotty Dog
  • Sleeping Beauty-Bella Bunny
  • Rapunzel-Clara Cat
  • Thumbelina-Brittany Cocker Spaniel


  1. Prince Charming From Cinderella-Blake Rabbit
  2. Prince Charming From Snow White-Jake Jaguar
  3. Prince Charming From Sleeping Beauty-

Front Cover

Clara Cat Is Cinderella Who Loose One Of Her Glass Slipper After The Clock Stikes 12.Cinderella (Clara Cat) Is Wearing A Pink Dress With No Sleeves,White Gloves,Her Hair Is In A Ponytail With A Pink Hair Ribbon,Pink Bow Is Around Her Long White Tail And A Necklace Is Around Her Neck.Then,Prince Blake Pick Up The Glass Slipper.Prince Blake Is Wearing

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