Clara Cat's Sercet Admirer

Written By Anna Miley And Rob Hank

It Was Valentine Day At Animals Town,At Clara Cat's House,9 year old Clara Cat Is Giving Her 4 year old Sister a valentine day card,Happy Valentine Day Clara Cat Said To Her Little Sister.Clara Cat Was Wearing Puffy Sleeved Red Dress With Pink Hearts On It,Red And Pink Sneakers And Her Hair Is Tied In A Ponytail With A Pink Hair Ribbon.Clara Cat Is Look At The Watch And It's 10:15.Oh,I Got Be Late For School Clara Cat Put On Her Backpack And Said Goodbye To Her Mom And Her Dad Goodbye Mom,Goodbye Dad Clara Cat Said To Her Parents Goodbye Honey Her Parents Called Her Back.She Closed The Door And Went To School.At School,Clara Cat And Her Friends Were In Their Teacher's Class,Miss Felix The Fox.Good Morning Class,Today We're Going To Have A Valentine Day Dance At Our School Miss Felix Said To Her Class.The Kids Were Exitced To The Valentine Day Dance.Clara Cat Don't Have A Partner For The Valentine Day Dance.Clara Cat Is Upset Because They Have Partners And Her's Don't.After School,Clara Cat Went Home For School.What Wrong My Darling Her Mom Asked Her I Don't Have A Partner For The Valentine Day Dance Clara Cat Told Her Mom.

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