1. Sabrina Zebra Is The Main Character Of The Show.She Is 8-Year-Old Female Zebra.She Fell In Love With T.J Elephant,But She Has A Crush On Kelly Lion Cub's Doll,Spencer LionHeart Who Come To Life And Makes T.J Jealous.She Has Long White Hair With Black Stripes.She Wears Red With No Sleeves Dress. She Voiced By Tara Strong,Later Katherine Soucie.
  2. T.J Elephant Is Sabrina Zebra's Ex-Boyfriend.
  3. Cindy Cheetah
  4. Lily Lepoard
  5. Kelly Lion Cub
  6. Spencer LionHeart:Is Sabrina Zebra's Boyfriend.T.J Was Mad At Sabrina And Spencer Kissing Each Other.In The Trip To The Beach Episode,T.J Kicks Sabrina Out Of The Beach And Landed On Spencer's Arms.He Can Talk After He Comes To Lifes
  7. Brittany Gazelle

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