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Tenth Video for Animals on Safari


This is the Bugs Part 2


  • Directed By: Jim Rowley
  • Written By: Edda Fred

20 Bugs Part 2nd Songs

  1. Lookin Around the Neighborhood (Taken from Let's Build Together)
  2. Laugh with Me (Taken from A Picture of Health)
  3. When We All Get to Heaven (Taken from Wonder Kids: Kids Sing Hyms & Priase Songs)
  4. At the Cross (Taken from Wonder Kids: Kids Sing Hymns & Priase Songs)
  5. The Wheels on the Bike (Taken from A Parade of Bikes)
  6. S-M-I-L-E (Taken from Barney's Halloween Party)
  7. London Town (Taken from Three Wishes)
  8. Mr Knickerbocker (Taken from Three Wishes)
  9. Eyes & Ears (Taken from Wonder Kids: Chrisitan Mother Goose)
  10. It's a Great Day (Taken from A Picture of Health)
  11. Taking Turns (Taken from Barney's Sense Sational Day)
  12. Having Fun Song (Taken from Barney's Sense Sational Day)
  13. Row Row Row Your Boat (Taken from Imagine That)
  14. Boom Boom Anit Great to Be Crazy (Taken from Doctor Barney is Here)
  15. I'm H-A-P-P-Y (Taken from Rock a Bye Baby)
  16. Mr Sun (Taken from Four Seasons Day)
  17. It's a Fun Fun Sunny Day (Taken from Splish Splash)
  18. Micheal Finnegan (Taken from Ship Ahoy)
  19. We Like Rocks (Taken from Ship Ahoy)
  20. My Three It Has Three Corners (Taken from Ship Ahoy)


Distributed By Lyrick Studios & Time Life Kids on VHS


  • 43 Minutes


August 30, 2011 VHS / March 5, 2013 DVD


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