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Narrator: Animaltopia, a gleaming city

(The train goes to Animaltopia. Kiara sees the view of Animaltopia on the train.)

(Woolie Mammoth cleans up with the air conditioner)

(Mice from "Cinderella" appear sliding down on the elevators and entering the doors)

Narrator: where animals of all breeds: predator and prey alike,

(Animals from "The Lion King" enter Animaltopia)

Narrator: live together in peace and harmony.

Kiara: Hi. I'm Kiara, your new neighbor.

Tigger: Yeah? Well, we're loud.

Rabbit: Don't expect us to apologize for it.

Bagheera: APD's first lion officer, Kiara.

(Kiara is welcomed into Animaltopia Police Department)

Kiara: Ready to make the world a better place?

(Baloo grunts and fist bumps with Kiara)

Chloe: Bad news. In the city, gripped by fear.

Basil: Why can't we tell us about the animals had been savaged?!

(O'Malley attacks Diego in the car)

Basil: Are we safe?!

Skips: This is priority one. Kiara: parking duty.

(The animals laugh)

Kiara: Sir, I'm not just some taming lion.

Skips: You strike out, you resign.

Kiara: Deal.

(Kiara gets ready to start the day in a police cart, but the wheels didn't work after she pulled the gas pedal)

Tagline: From AnimatedFan195 Productions.

(Kiara sees Mordecai walking with the baby in the stroller)

Kiara: Hello. I am here to ask you some questions about a case.

Mordecai: Then they should've gotten a real cop to solve it.

Kiara: You are under arrest!

Mordecai: For what? Hurting your feelings?

(Diego tries to attack Mordecai, but he flinches)

Kiara: You are a key witness!

Mordecai: No. He is.

(Kiara looks around, but sees Mordecai running away)

Kiara: (chases after Mordecai) Hey!

(Kiara scrapes up white stuff off the license plate)

Kiara: I need you to run a plate.

Mordecai: All right. I know a guy. You need something done, he's on it.

Kiara: They're all cats?!

(The cats work slowly at the DMV)

Kiara: We are in a really big hurry.

Danny: I am... on...

Kiara: It?

Danny: break.

(Kiara grunts angrily)

Kiara: I have 36 hours left. We can only solve it together.

Skips: It's not about how badly you want something. It's about what you are capable of!

(Kiara goes to her apartment room sadly)

Kiara: I am a real cop.

Mordecai: Never let them see that they get to you, lions, so emotional.

(A shocked Mordecai sees Mor'du)

Mordecai: No, no, no! Do not let go!

Kiara: I'm gonna let go!

Mordecai: What?!

(Kiara and Mordecai fall in the rain)

King Leopold: We may be involved. But deep down, we are still animals.

(Kodi howls)

Balto: Quit it! You're gonna start a howl!

(Kodi still howls, but Balto starts to howl too along with him)

(Kiara sees a naked Louis)

Kiara: Oh! You are naked.

Louis: For sure. We're a naturalist club.

(Louis and the other animals start to practice aerobics)

Georgette: All the way down.

(Kiara grunts neutrally)

Tagline: From the creators of "Finding Kion", "The Animal Book" and "The Little Cardinal and Cloud Humanoid".

(Rita sings "Try Everything" on stage)

Kiara: Life's a little bit messy.

(Julian spits out ice cream at Peaches)

(Rigby lets out an elephant sound)

(The circus animals are having a good time)

Kiara: We all make mistakes.

(Fievel misses the car because of the wind)

Danny: Ha-ha!

Kiara: No matter what type of animal you are, change starts with you.

(Two rabbits and two foxes play volleyball together)

(Kiara looks at herself mumbling)

(Tiger happily looks at the donuts after the two gave him the donuts)

Mordecai: We gotta go.

Kiara: Whose car is it?

Mordecai: The most feared crime boss, King Leopold.

(Kiara and Mordecai saw Chief and Copper and they grab Kiara and Mordecai out of the car)

Title: Animaltopia.

Kiara: Is that King Leopold?

Mordecai: Stop talking. Stop talking.

(King Leopold appears in the chair sitting)

Kiara: Huh.

King Leopold: Ice them!

(Kiara and Mordecai are about to get iced)

Fuli: Daddy, what did we say? No icing anyone on my wedding!

King Leopold: I have to, baby. Daddy has to.

Tagline: Coming soon to your computer.

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