• Yakko as Dexter
  • Mr. Plotz as Tall Dexter
  • Dot as Dee Dee (both are sister and boyfriend to Yakko and Dexter)
  • Hello Nurse as Dexter's Mom
  • Dr. Otto ScratchNSniff as Dexter's Dad
  • Runt as Dexter's Grandpa
  • Walter Wolf as Mandark
  • Mr. Director as Mr. Luzinsky (both their name starts with Mr.)
  • Mindy as Lee Lee
  • Rita as Mee Mee
  • Wakko as Dexter's Monkey
  • Newt as Mandark's Duck
  • Solley the Godpigeon as Old Man Dexter
  • Captain Mel as Gary
  • Pinky as Lucky
  • The Brain as Pierre
  • Flavio as Major Glory
  • Chicken Boo as Valhallen
  • Ralph as Krunk
  • Slappy Squirrel as Lalava
  • Buttons as Douglas
  • The Mime as Mitch
  • Mr. Skullhead as Clem
  • Skippy Squirrel as Dextor
  • Baloney as Action Hank
  • King Salazar as Red-Eye

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