• Wakko as Kirby
  • Ralph as King Dedede
  • Dr. Otto as Escargoon
  • Walter Wolf as Customer Service
  • Dot as Tiff
  • Yakko as Tuff
  • Brain as Meta Knight
  • Mr. Crazy Person as Sir Ebrum
  • Hello Nurse as Lady Like
  • Pinky as Knuckle Joe
  • Katie Ka-Boom as Sirica
  • Pesto as Tokkori
  • Buttons as Rick
  • Squit as Iroo
  • Skippy as Spikehead
  • Mindy as Honey
  • Runt as Chef Kawasaki
  • Mr. Plotz as Chief Bookem
  • Mr. Director as Mayor Len
  • Minerva Mink as Hana
  • Slappy as Princess Rona
  • Rita as Commander Vee

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