• Yakko as Toaster
  • Pesto as Lampy
  • Wakko as Blanky
  • Solley as Kirby
  • Runt as Radio
  • Squit as Microwave
  • Skippy Squirrel as Baby Robbie
  • Dr. Otto as Rob
  • Hello Nurse as Chris
  • Brain as The Evil Clown
  • Newt as Elmo St. Peters
  • Walter Wolf as Supreme Commander
  • Mr. Plotz as Calculator
  • Baloney as Micorwave
  • Pinky as Squirt
  • Dot as Tinselina
  • Duke Squirrel as Viking 1
  • Plucky Duck (from Tiny Toon Adventures) as Jim Bob
  • Rita as Masie
  • Hamton J. Pig (from Tiny Toon Adventures) as Alberto
  • Bobby as Wiittgenstein
  • The Kid Chorus (from Histeria!) as The Miliatry Toasters
  • Sappy Stanley (from Tiny Toon Adventures) as Mack
  • Tails (from Sonic The Hedgehog) as Hearing Aid
  • Toad (from Mario Bros.) as Ratso

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