• Dr. Otto ScratchNSniff as Peter Perfect
  • Flavio as Rufus Ruffcut
  • Wakko as Sawtooth
  • Skippy Squirrel as Private Meekley
  • Mr. Director as Sargeant Blast
  • Solley the Godpigeon as Clyde
  • Squit as Rug Bug Benny
  • Pinky as Willy
  • Pesto as Danny
  • Bobby as Ring-a-Ding
  • Max as Kurby
  • The Brain as Mac
  • Runt as Professor Pat Pending
  • Hello Nurse as Penelope Pitstop
  • The Mime as Rock Slag
  • Mr. Skullhead as Gravel Slag
  • Sid the Squid as Little Gruesome
  • Beanie the Brain-Dead Bison as Big Gruesome
  • Mr. Plotz as Red Max
  • Buttons as Lazy Luke
  • Ralph as Blubber Bear
  • Walter Wolf as Dick Dastardly
  • Newt as Muttley
  • Bill Clinton as The Announcer
  • Rita as The Female Alligator
  • Neivel Nosenest as The Wargames General 
  • The Dragon as The Dragon (both share the same name)
  • Ckicken Boo as The Sheriff
  • Salazar's Soldiers as Alligators
  • The Clown as The Mechanic
  • Caw-Caw and Charlie as The Ghosts
  • Duke as the Kodiak Bear
  • Wally Llama as Abu-Babu

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