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  • SpongeBob SquarePants as Woody
  • Jimmy Neutron as Buzz Lightyear
  • WALL-E as Mr. Potato Head
  • Timmy Turner as Slinky Dog
  • BOB (Monsters VS Aliens) as Rex
  • Toaster (The Brave Little Toaster) as Hamm
  • XJ-4 (My Life as a Teenage Robot) as Bo Peep
  • Tommy Pickles as Sarge
  • Phil, Chuckie and Lil as Sarge's Soldiers
  • Rob (The Brave Little Toaster) as Andy Davis
  • Chris (The Brave Litlte Toaster) as Mrs. Davis
  • WENDI as Baby Molly
  • Beta (Up) as Scud
  • Susie the Blue Coupe (Disney's Susie the Blue Coupe) as RC
  • Cosmo (The Fairy Oddparents) as Lenny
  • The Missing Link (Monsters VS Aliens) as Mr. Shark
  • Squidward Tentacles as Snake
  • M-O (WALL-E) as Robot
  • Patrick Star as Etch
  • Stimpy (The Ren and Stimpy Show) as Mr. Spell
  • Dil Pickles as Rocky Gibraltar
  • XJ-6, XJ-7, XJ-8 as Troll Dolls
  • The Minions (Despicable Me) as Squeeze Toy Aliens
  • Cynthia (Rugrats) as Baby Face
  • Helga (Hey Arnold) as Legs
  • The Stoop Kid (Hey Arnold) as Ducky

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