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  • Fireman Sam as The Annoying Orange
  • Pingu as Apple
  • Mr. Plod/Homer Simpson as Bananas
  • Big Ears as Kiwi
  • Numbuh 2 as Lemon
  • Noddy as Strawberry
  • Bart Simpson as Pear
  • Sly and Gobbo as Sushi
  • Numbuh 5 as Cheese
  • Mystery Potato as Himself
  • Marge Simpson as Carrot
  • Tomato as Himself
  • Mario as Himself
  • Mayor Quimby as Football
  • Postman Pat as Ball
  • Chris Griffin as Pumpkins
  • Sandy Claus as Himself
  • Ghost as Himself
  • Pac-Man as Himself
  • Eric Cartman as Pineapple
  • Brum as Grapefruit
  • Lisa Simpson as Grape
  • Stan Marsh as Broccoli Leader
  • Kenny McCormick, Shelly Marsh, Randy Marsh and Chef as Viviscetor 9000
  • Tessie Bear as Avacado
  • Avacado Pit as Himself
  • Walnut as Himself
  • Stewie Griffin as Pepper
  • Peter Griffin as Bonsai Tree
  • Meg Griffin as Onion
  • Grandpa Lemon as Himself
  • Eggplant as Himself
  • Norman Price as Jigsaw
  • Tommy Pickles as the Annoying Orange 2
  • Crabapple as Himself
  • Midget Apple as Himself
  • Watermelon as Himself
  • Bentley the Robot as Grand Finale
  • Nut Cracker as Himself
  • Squirrel and Crab as Themselves
  • the Onion Ring as Himself
  • Passion Fruit as Herself
  • Fred Figglehorn as Himself
  • Kenny McCormick as Liam the Leprechuan
  • Heinrich Von Marzipan as Dane Boedigheimer
  • Daneboe's Knife as Himself
  • Green Apple as Himself
  • Red Delicious as Himself
  • Golden Delicious as Himself
  • Granny Smith as Himself
  • Angel Orange as Himself
  • Orange Group as Themselves
  • Chocolate as Himself
  • Craham Cracker as Himself
  • Mr. Milko as Marshmallow
  • Charlie the Drunk Guinea Pig as Himself
  • Lady Pasta as Herself
  • Chuckie Finster as Cucumber
  • Wendy Testaburger as Grapefruit's Sister
  • Stan Marsh as Grapefruit's Second Cousin
  • Kyle Broflovski as Grapefruit's Grandpa
  • Grapefruit's Mailman as Himself
  • Cabbage as Himself
  • Celery as Himself
  • Blackberry as Themselves 1 & 3/Dinah Doll as Blackberry #4
  • Princess Peach as Himself
  • Toad as Himself
  • Bowser as Himself
  • Party Platter as Themselves
  • Voice as Himself
  • Spider as Himself
  • Lime as Himself
  • Wee Pony as Herself
  • Orange's One Million Clones
  • Peaches (from Ice Age: Contindetal Drift) as Himself
  • Dr Interwebs as Himself
  • Youtube as Himself
  • Ginger as Himself
  • Blender as Himself
  • Grater as Himself

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