• Anna Arkadievna Karenina as Marge Simpson
  • Count Alexei Alexandrovich Karenin as Homer Simpson
  • Count Alexei Kirillovich Vronsky as Bart Simpson
  • Prince Stepan "Stiva" Arkadyevich Oblonsky as Ned Flanders
  • Darya "Dolly" Alexandrovna Oblonskaya as Allison Taylor
  • Princess Ekaterina "Kitty" Alexandrovna Shcherbatskaya as Lisa Simpson
  • Konstantin "Kostya" Dmitrievich Levin as Mayor Joe Quimby
  • The Baroness as Mrs. Quimby
  • Captain Machouten as John
  • Countess Vronskaya as Maude Flanders
  • Countess Lidia Ivanovna as Maggie Simpson
  • Masha as Edna Krabappel
  • Yashvin as Principal Seymour Skinner
  • Burisov as Waylon Smithers, Jr.
  • and more

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