Anna Kyoyama is the love interest of Gingka and the daughter of Raditz and Martina appearing in Shaman King. She has blonde hair and black eyes. She wears a red bandana; the bandana is usually worn on her head, but she starts wearing the bandana around her neck like a scarf, sports a pair of black sunglasses after departing for the Patch Village in America, a jet black mini dress and around her neck she wears a rosary necklace used for her itako rituals, wooden sandals with red straps and around her right wrist she wears a blue bead bracelet.


  • Martina (Mother)
  • Raditz (Father)
  • Gine (Grandmother)
  • Bardock (Grandfather)
  • Gingka Hagane (Husband)
  • Ryo Hagane (Father-in-Law)
  • Goku (Uncle)
  • Chi Chi (Aunt)
  • Gohan (Cousin)
  • Videl (Cousin-in-Law)
  • Pan (Niece-in-Law)
  • Goten (Cousin)
  • Mondo Ooya (Son)


  •  ???


  •  ???

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