Annabelle "Anna" Szyslak is the baby sister of Mel and the love interest of Jim Smith appearing in Hoop-a-Joop. She has orange hair tied in pigtails, black eyes and wears black earrings. Her main outfit is composed of: a yellow shirt with short sleeves, blue skirt with a white diaper inside, white pantyhose and black dress shoes. She is voiced by Eden Sher (who also voices Star Butterfly from Star vs. The Forces of Evil). At her age, she is 5 years old.


  • Stella Szyslak (Mother)
  • Carlos Szyslak (Father)
  • Melanie "Mel" Szyslak (12-year-old Sister)
  • Loretta "Lori" Szyslak (17-year-old Sister)
  • Jim Smith (Love Interest)


  1. Being nice to Jim
  2. Admiring her dolls
  3. Doing ballet


  1. The way her older sisters fight
  2. Feeling silly
  3. Throwing lots of loud tantrums

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