Lancea Sanctum
Known Vampires.Common Knowledge

Archbishop Annalia Tate arrived from London in the mid 1800s. She was the first to bring the teachings of the Lancea Sanctum to the west coast. She had the Cathedral Our Lady of the Midnight Hope built in 1847 for her flock. She is rumored to be a very old kindred, but she never talks about her past, aside from saying that she came to San Andreas from London and that she studied the famous Black Abbey. Whether this is from the fog of eternity or a past she wishes forgotten is to be said. She was named the Forseti (Prince's Harpy) when Ragnar Thrice-born took over the city, for her help in bringing him into power. She gave up the position shortly before Ragnar lost control of the city. Later, when Kanis seized control of the city, he gave her back her Harpy position. Later, she seized control of the city from Kanis after the city became suspicious of him when he seemingly tried to cover up the fact that Johnny Relic was a diablerist.

Princes of San Andreas

Crimson Shadow

William Salvador Preston· Ragnar Thrice-born· Kanis· Annalia Tate


Played by Megan Scharpenburg, her previous Crimson Shadow characters predate the current chronicle and show a proclivity towards Daeva including the Sanctified Russian Dyke, "Father" Natalya Marinkoff and Visionary of Equilibrium Jaden, the lone, but never lonely, female Dragon.

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