Annie is a charectar in The New Original Story and The New Original Story 2.

Name: Annie.

Born: (October 3, 2000).

Sisters: Alicia and Timika. 

Mother: Ellie

Friends: Tracy, Leslie and Amy.


Annie is nice, sweet and funny and she evens very halarious jokes about her family. 

She even is invested in singing and dacing.

The New Original Story

In The New Original Story Annie seems to be a funny and happy jolly girl she even tells stories about herself and  her sisters. By: Roc.

The New Original Story 2

In the upcoming sequel The New Original Story 2 Annie appers in the beggining of the movie taking a tour around the new york circus. In the end of the movie Annie becomes an empolyee at The New York Circus teaching animals to jump through hoops.

By: Roc.


1: The New Original Story takes in the 21st, century and The New Original Story 2 in the 22nd, century. The year in the first movie is in December 2012 and the second in 2013 to 2020.

2: While writing the story of the movie Annie was originally going to be non-verbal and pressurized would've helped her to speak now Annie will speak at all times.  

By: Roc.

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