Annie Roberts is the main protagonist of Disney XD's Annie The Smart Female Genius and the love interest of Randy Cunningham. She has short black hair (similar to Mitchie O'Hara from Accidentally Adventures and Rosalina Daily from Adriana and Anya), blue eyes and wears glasses like Amethyst Giger. Her main outfit is composed of: a black short sleeved shirt with a white skull in the middle, cyan miniskirt, purple and black striped pantyhose and black boots. She is voiced by Janice Kawaye. At her age, she is 14 years old. At her romantic dance with Randy in the crossover, her outfit is composed of: a blue sleeveless dress and blue high heels. While ice dancing with Randy, her ice dancer outfit is composed of: a red long sleeved dress and white skates. While flamenco dancing with Randy, her Flamenco Dancer outfit is composed of: a red flower, a black long sleeved dress, beige pantyhose and black high heels. At her wedding with Randy, her wedding outfit is composed of: a white sleeveless gown, white earrings, a wedding veil, a flower crown on her head, white gloves and white high heels. When sleeping at nighttime, her pajamas are composed of: a black long sleeved pajamas, wears barefoot and has her glasses off. At her ballet dance with Randy, her ballet outfit is composed of: a pink sleeveless leotard, pink tutu, white pantyhose and pink ballet flats.


  • Emily Roberts (Mother)
  • Anthony Roberts (Father)
  • Kimberly Roberts (Younger Sister)
  • Andrew (Pet Cat)
  • Randy Cunningham (Love Interest)


  1. Being popular to Randy
  2. Doing lab skills
  3. Becoming a fame


  1. The way Martha treats her
  2. Getting into trouble with Principal Pickles
  3. Losing her focus