Annie Roberts is the main protagonist of the 1997 Disney series: Annie The Smart and Genius Girl, a Klasky Csupo show. She has short black hair (similar to Mitchie Ohara) and blue eyes and wears glasses like Dexter. Her main outfit (as Arlene Klasky described) consists of: a black short sleeved shirt with a skull in the middle, cyan skirt, purple and black striped pantyhose (like Mel Blake) and black boots. In her wedding with Jonathan, her wedding outfit consists of: a wedding veil, a white sleeveless wedding gown, white gloves, white earrings and white high heels. In Annie's Genius Valentine, her casual clothing consists of: a pink short sleeved shirt, red skirt and red dress shoes. In Annie's Genius Halloween, her Halloween costume consists of: a yellow sleeveless ballgown, yellow earrings, yellow opera gloves and yellow high heels. In Annie's Genius Christmas, her Christmas clothing consists of: a red long sleeved coat, cyan skirt and black boots.


  • Emily Roberts (Mother)
  • Darla Roberts (Grandmother)
  • Kimberly Roberts (5-Year-Old Sister)
  • Tina Roberts (1-Year-Old Sister)
  • Andrew (Pet Cat)
  • Jonathan Brooks (Husband)


  • Doing science.
  • Hanging out with Jonathan.
  • Doing Kung Fu skills.


  • Her fear of Horse Flies.
  • Her nightmares.
  • Her rivalry with Martha.

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